My Artistic Journey

My artistic journey began as a young girl. I loved creating art projects. I would spend days and weeks alone in my mother's studio working on drawing, painting, or jewelry projects. This solitude gave me comfort. It gave me joy. It gave me strength. As a young adult, I ended up giving up my art. I put it aside to accomplish other worthy goals. I am now revisiting my love of art as I explore photography and the digital media. 

As I revisit my artistic journey, I am once again discovering what gives me comfort, joy and strength. I am drawn to those feelings as I use my images to create my art. I find myself capturing emotional strength and resilience of the human spirit in my work. It appears to me in many forms; the carefree freedom in childhood, the rejuvenation in nature, the simplicity of form, the display of connection of the human spirit, or an expression of strength when we are alone in our thoughts.  

I hope my work gives you comfort and strength of spirit in the same way it does for me.