My next assignment: Finding passion!

As you saw from my last post, my assignment was to take black and white pictures in my house using the light and shadows to make interesting pictures. I started out excited, as I always do, then get antsy to try something else. My cat, Mandu, helped make the light more interesting for me. She loves to sit in a patch of sun in our bathroom in the morning.

I have a feeling in the class critique, I will not get "artistic points" for these. However, they do make me feel warm and fuzzy, and sometimes that has to count for something. Am I right?

I then took some other pictures with shadow, shapes, and light. We will see how these are received in a future class critique session. 

Meh. I have more, but I wasn't thrilled with most of them. I'll keep trying though. But when I went out on a snowy day, I liked some of these shots...

I'll bring them to class as well, and see which the instructor likes better.

I went to a networking event for artists and photographers. Everyone was so willing to help me learn and grow as a photographer. The climate was very collaborative (to use an over used word)... but it was very real and the help was sincere. Most everyone I met asked me what I am passionate about shooting. Other than my children and grandchildren, I am really not sure. I think my instructor is also looking for that passion in me. I know I will find it as I take this journey.

I know what it's not...

....It's not shooting inanimate objects in my house. 

~ Jody