I'm excited to say.....

.... I got in the show!  Below is the image that was accepted. I am calling it "In the heat of the night"

Thanks to all of you who wished me luck. I guess it worked. What I am learning is that a bit of luck is quite helpful in the art field. Not to mention good mentors, a big network, and a lot of persistence.. Notice I didn't say talent. In my opinion, many people have talent. You need more. I keep coming back to how this relates to my previous career. A lot of people do a fine job at work. Many people are smart and have good ideas. It's exactly the same: good mentors, a big network, and a lot of persistence... and a bit of luck that help make someone successful.

Now don't get me wrong. I am NOT successful at photography. I am having fun with the journey (see my first blog) and learning a lot about myself in the context of a new passion. And as I said, there is so much to learn.

My class helped me pick which of the three prints of this photo I will frame. They also gave me good advice on how to frame it, what to price it, and where to get it framed. My teacher is such a great mentor. She said I could contact her if I had any questions since class is on break now. So, I have my task ahead of me for the framing. Tasks are always a good thing to help me focus!

The show is at The Art Center-Highland Park, May 7-July 10. Opening reception is May 22 6:30pm-9pm

By the way, just so you know, my confidence is still shaken... I did NOT get a prize or honorable mention in the Botanic Garden Orchid Show. Below are my entries:

Oh well.You win some, and you lose some. It sure helps to have friends wish you a little luck along the way. ;-)

~ Jody