Scavenger Hunt!

Our instructor wanted us out of our comfort zone. What better way than to give us a week to shoot 8 items. That may sound easy to you, however, when you want to "find your style" and present eight respectable examples, a week is not a lot of time. One of my classmates said she could spend a week on each item. My sentiments exactly!

So here's the result I presented. Groceries; flower; tree; face; doorknob; multi-generation; stairs; small town.

So, a few interesting facts to know: I got chastised at the grocery store for taking pictures of my basket. Go figure. The tree is a reflection in a sculpture at The Botanic Garden. I will probably add my "multi-gen" picture to my Maxine collection... definately, the topic becoming a prime candidate for my summer project. We shall see.

It was a fun challenge and it made me think a bit to create something a bit interesting out of the ordinary. 

I also want to give a special shout out to my cousin, Jeff Lazar. He gave me some tips on post processing (ie Photoshop). I used it on the face and it seemed to amp it up a bit. He's been a great resource of info! Thanks, Jeff!

Until next time, I'll be behind the lens...

~ Jody