Sometimes we need to take a step back to move forward...

It's been a while since I have written a blog entry. However, I have been quite busy during this time "away". I have had some wonderful blessings relating to my family AND I have had some breakthroughs in my journey as an artist.

If you have been following me, you know I am learning and growing in my craft. But part of my journey relates to my past and having a very talented artist for a mother. I have been struggling with doing a project relating to "Maxine and Me". I have started and dropped it a few times, diverting my attention to something more fun to pursue. One of my first teachers/mentors Maggie Meiners, helped me discover it is a project I must pursue at some time.

My struggle comes from the mixed emotions that go along with having an extremely talented artist for a mother, who is bi-polar. It was a tough road for us at home, but there were also some tremendous gifts we were given with someone of her talent. After her passing, it has been hard for me to focus on the gifts. But I think I am coming around, and am on the best road I can be on at this point in time. 

I dug out some of my mother's work from when she was a fashion illustrator. I have always been fascinated with 1940s-1950s, watching old movies when I was younger and thinking about the "Chicago" of those days. She lived it! Her high school yearbook called her "Von Steuben's Fashion Plate". She was a young woman in advertising creating a style... a style she had in spades at the time. As I held her original drawing for the Chicago Tribune ads, I felt transported. I felt part of her art once again. How can I create that feeling in my work? That feeling of being transported... the feeling of us working together on a piece of art, as we used to do when I was young.

So as I was taking a step back, I discovered the project! Those of you that follow my blog get a sneak preview. I am combining my mother's work with mine. I have just begun the project (an example below). 

So by stepping back, I was able to "turn left" in a positive way and get real joy from working with my mother, the artist, once again.


Cerulean Style

Cerulean Style